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March 31, 2024
SERIOUS FUN MAGA LAUNCH on X TOMORROW !!! - we just need your help today to get this last obstruction out of the way!

Help us beat this April Fools deadline. Only 500 subscribers away on our original X account to launch the “ Making of MAGA”
Watch how this American Dream turned into a California Circus.
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Interested? Want to learn more about the community?
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May 01, 2024
This big smart Russian for president! Campus protests extremely well explained!

Thank you Nick Shirley !! See the full footage and links to his channel in comments below. #youngtalent #truestories #citizenjournalism #rabbireporting #wtfiswrongwiththesepeople!?!

February 16, 2022
As not seen on TV
February 01, 2022
We are on our way, well on our way back…


May 31, 2024
May 07, 2024
This one is for the MORONS
May 06, 2024
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